Anxiety & Stress

Say Goodbye To The Stress And Anxiety, And Warm Hello To A Happy, Healthy Life!

Do you feel something is wrong? Something is pushing you back? Do you think your mind and body are being overrun by some toxic and stressful thoughts?

When the complexities of modern life pile up, you may feel like your mind has been invaded. Invaded by whirling thoughts you would rather expel but cannot, from fear that neglecting your worries will lead to catastrophe. Whether the daunting future gets you, you might feel hopelessly weighed down. Because the truth is, when you have core insecurities, the cycle of worrying grips you and just does not let go.

Amidst the internal chaos, it can feel like your mind and emotions are a burden. 

I can help you reclaim peace of mind. I can help you regulate your emotions, stabilize your mood, create optimistic goals, and show you how to feel more competent rather than fretting and panicking, so you can see that your intellect is really a good thing.

I specialize in helping individuals with the following symptoms of anxiety and stress: 

  • Physical manifestations of stress such as dizziness, shortened breath, nausea, persistent heart palpitations.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Fear of leaving home for work or social settings. 
  • Fear of being judged, saying or doing the wrong thing or lacking confidence to meet, keep or be comfortable around other people.
  • Consistent comparison of yourself to other people that consumes your attention for hours.
  • Brooding over regrets and past interactions.
  • Seeing more negativity and worry about the future than positive.
  • Inability to identify what is causing you anxiety.
  • Obsession over other people’s view of you.
  • Nightmares about yourself or loved ones encountering harm.
  • Daytime thoughts about yourself or loved ones encountering harm.
  • Feeling easily embarrassed.
  • Feeling insecure or inferior to others.
  • Living with a mind that constantly cycles through worry, fear and doubt and a body that is on high alert for danger.
  • Your brain is like a wheel that never stops spinning, constantly thinking about EVERYTHNG.
  • Feeling inadequate or un-loveable.
  • Trouble making decisions and trusting yourself that your choice will be ok.

Don’t tread water alone, to ultimately drown. My heart compels me to extend the life ring of empathy and expertise towards you. Together, we can journey to control your mind, manage emotions without suppressing your personality, make peace with the unknown without compromising on your goals, and rid yourself of self-directed toxicity. Specifically, I can counsel you to exercise the following techniques and mindsets in your daily life: 

  • Manage physical symptoms and get relief with powerful, proven techniques that will calm your senses.
  • Feel excitement rather than dread when thinking about your future goals.
  • Converse with yourself with more understanding and kindness.
  • Draw strength from faith, your core love bank, and inner wealth to face situations that are outside of your control.
  • Exercise assertion in challenging social situations and relationships.
  • Affirm self-worth, despite perceived flaws and self-improvement opportunities. 
  • Open up and relate to others in your interpersonal relationships.
  • Allow yourself to be authentic and vulnerable.
  • You are loveable, competent, valuable, strong and powerful.
  • You are able to fully know and access your core authentic self.
  • You are lighter, calmer, and more comfortable in your own skin and in situations.
  • You are more confident and capable of managing life’s stressors and trials.
  • You can look at life through a wider lens and see more solutions.
  • You can understand, embrace, and manage intense emotions more constructively. 
  • You can live in and reset more quickly to a state of peace, love, and joy.
  • You are more compassionate and caring toward yourself and living more intentionally and powerfully.
  • Your relationships are feeling more connected, secure, and pleasurable. 

We will collaborate and determine which approaches work best for you. I will listen to your needs, your thoughts, your ideas, and showcase the various options that will honor your needs. We can test methods for solving your problems as well as for identifying which challenges afford you little control in cracking them. Improvement in mood can happen within a short timescale, and skills for life will be your takeaways for years to come.

Are you ready to begin that transformation? Let’s get started!