Life Challenges & Transitions

Navigate Through Life With Ease.

Are you in an emotional whirlwind after a life-changing event? You are likely feeling what every human since the dawn of time has felt—at some point in life. I point this out not to diminish the validity of your emotions but to normalize your situation and provide a reason for hope. How did they get through it? How did they make the best of what the rest of life entailed?  

Everyone responds differently to the chaos of life events. In many cases, professional guidance can quicken the process of adjustment. My experience allows me to help clients in reconciling the past, maintaining faith, and seizing the future with grace and happiness. These benefits can apply to anyone. 

Perhaps you have been plunged into grief. You feel like you recently shut the door on a glorious phase of life, and you are staring into the future, lost and resistant to what this new season of life might bring. You may feel conflicting emotions. Joy over a new opportunity yet sadness an era has come to an end.  Some scenarios might include: 

  • Graduation
  • Moving 
  • Divorce, re-marriage, blended family
  • Empty nest
  • Retirement
  • Breakup
  • Death of a loved one
  • Illness (yourself or a loved one)
  • Job loss, career change

On the other hand, you may have commenced something desirable: a relationship, a job, or something else. Now you are in a state of nervous ecstasy. You finally have something you always wanted. What concerns you is how to “do it right”. You are painfully aware of how fragile your opportunity is, and you wish to see this beautiful chance blossom rather than wither. Some scenarios might include: 

  • Marriage
  • Dating
  • Birth of a child or adoption
  • New job
  • Recovery from illness

Work with me in my strengths-based approach, and we can hone the following skills. You will come away from treatment with resilience and enchantment with life:

  • Gain perspective on how the phases of life relate to each other and what is valuable to you in the present.
  • Evaluate your thoughts: are they productive, accurate, and healthy?
  • Manage your time and mental energy.
  • Self-awareness of feelings, thoughts, desires, dreams, behaviors, and needs.
  • Inject more compassion and empathy into interactions with self and others.
  • Initiate and maintain good relationships.
  • Identify your strength, maintain your positive thoughts, and create an ideal life step by step.
  • Remember your personal strengths, express gratitude, increase your value and worth.
  • Know hope again.
  • Create a best version of yourself.
  • Move from feeling uncertain and out of balance to a place of competence, confidence and stability.
  • Live intentionally in the moment and make the best of this new opportunity for growth.
  • Be assertive, set healthy boundaries, get organized and realize your full potential.
  • Successfully adapt to your new life one day at a time.

Life has so many different seasons. It would be a true honor and privilege to help you while you go through the various ones you are experiencing.