My Philosophy

As a faith-based counselor and an ordained minister, I believe our loving God is our healer and I hold to the following beliefs:

  • All people have strengths, talents, gifts and abilities.
  • You have resources and strengths to resolve your challenges.
  • Small changes are progress that can lead to bigger changes.
  • Rapid change or resolution of problems is possible.
  • There is no one right way to view things; different views may be just as valid and may fit the facts
    just as well.
  • My focus is on what is possible and changeable rather than what is impossible and intractable.
  • Right believing leads to right living.

I often use the metaphor of a tree to describe a person’s story. Every person’s life starts out like a tree. If you look at a tree and notice that it is not growing the way that you would like, it has to undergo a process of healing—starting at the roots and examining the health of every part of that tree.

The same is true of your own life. In counseling, you will work to examine the roots of your life, the beginnings that have created your foundation. You survey the trunk, or the substance of your life, and ask how it has become this way. You look at the branches and leaves to determine where you might need to prune or create change for more growth. Finally, you examine the fruit of the tree to assess its overall health and productivity. From the roots to the tips, the tree of your life will tell you exactly where you might need help healing and growing. It will also tell you where you have strengths, character, coping strategies and other exceptional, positive qualities, including a forest of supportive people that have helped you through the many seasons of life.

Couples and families are a forest of unique trees that all have valuable stories. The goal is to help each person reach his or her potential growth as mentioned above, focus on the positives, learn new skills, build trust, regulate emotional intensity, reach understanding, empathize with one another’s life experience, share fondness and admiration for one another and speak lovingly and respectfully, even during challenging moments.

This is where I come in, partnering together with you as you assess the overall health of your life and helping you to determine those areas in need of healing. Life has seasons, and no one is exempt from personal struggles from time to time. You can and will come out of this season better than ever if you commit to the process of letting me help you discover your own personal healing journey.