Parents are like shepherds and “their families like a flock” (Psalm 107:41).

Does this sound like you…

My child:

  • Is out of control
  • Is addicted to electronics or video games
  • Doesn’t respect me
  • Won’t take no for an answer
  • Takes a mile when given an inch
  • Won’t listen to me
  • Gets very angry
  • Struggles with anxiety
  • Is sad a lot

I feel:

  • Guilty
  • Afraid
  • Overwhelmed
  • Desperate
  • I don’t know where to turn
  • I just want my child to behave better
  • I just want my child to be healthy internally
  • I want a better relationship with my child
  • I want to be more connected to my child
  • I want to enjoy my child and feel better about my parenting


I can help!

I help parents:

  • Learn to effectively parent their intense or withdrawn children and teens
  • Increase their sense of self-worth and inner-value as parents
  • Manage their emotions in response to their children
  • Enjoy their home and family more
  • Learn to appreciate their co-parents and children
  • Improve their outlook for the future
  • Gain clarity and confidence in their parenting
  • Learn the best ways to respond when your child is sad, angry, or scared
  • Discover how to use emotions as opportunities for connection and teaching
  • Learn how to set clear, consistent limits while helping your child problem-solve
  • Create positive, long-lasting effects for their children
  • Support their children through life’s ups and downs

In addition, I can give parents a clearer understanding of how a challenging child really responds to normal ways of parenting and why traditional methods actually make the situation worse. I can provide you a powerful set of strategies designed specifically to turn the challenging child around to a new pattern of success, shifting the difficult child to being a cooperative child who uses his or her intensity in entirely positive and creative ways.

“Train up children in the way they should go…” (Proverbs 22:6).