Most people seek out Wendy for either counseling or coaching.

People seek counseling for a variety of reasons including feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, worried, sad,anxious or angry. People also seek out counseling to help change behaviors and thoughts that are troubling them or that affect their relationships at home, work or school. Other people seek out counseling because they know they are going through a difficult time or facing a difficult decision and they desire a place to sort through their feelings and move forward in their life with intention and clear thinking. Some seek counsel to work on healing their marriages and other important relationships. Others simply want to talk out private issues with a neutral party.

Some people seek coaching because they have a life goal that has been eluding them and they are ready to explore personal development. Others seek coaching because they want to go farther in their chosen career path. And still others desire private coaching because they recognize personal weaknesses or challenges within themselves that they would like to actively turn into strengths.

It’s Wendy’s desire and goal to help you think well, feel well and be well!

For more information on Counseling or Coaching with Wendy, please visit the individual Counseling or Coaching pages on this site or contact Wendy directly.